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【Call for application】 The 4th Summer School on New Structural Economics, Special Session for International Think Tank Track



Call for application: The 4th Summer School on New Structural Economics

Special Session for International Think Tank Track

(Open Careers Day at the International Think Tank Team of the CNSE)


Proposed and championed by Professor Justin Yifu Lin, New Structural Economics (NSE) applies a neoclassical approach to study the determinants of structural change with a special focus on how to help developing countries achieve economic transformation. The NSE has been endorsed by renowned economists worldwide, including more than 10 Nobel Laureates such as Joseph Stiglitz, Gary Becker and Michael Spence, and is taken as the third wave in development economics after Structuralism and neoliberalism. 


The 4th Summer School on New Structural Economics at Peking University aims to select a core group of postgraduate students and junior researchers who are keen to learn theoretical frameworks, empirical application, and methodology of New Structural Economics.


During this summer camp, the international think tank team will host a one-day special session. The session will focus on the application of NSE theory’s application on in the field of international development. Particularly, Growth Identification and Facilitation Framework (GIFF) and its application on Nepal and Nigeria will be introduced. Under the guidance of a resultaction-oriented approach, the session will also share first-hand experiences on investment promotion in developing countries. The session ends with open discussion.


This special session is open to all students and professionals who are interested in the application of NSE theory in to international development besides the summer camp students. Candidates who are interested in joining the international think team at the Center for New Structural Economics are most welcome to participate. Details and application information follow as below:


Time and Location:

3rd, July, 2017

Zhifuxuan Classroom, Langrun Garden, Peking University





Keynote Speech: NSE and Its Application to International Development

By Dr. Celestin Monga, Managing Director at the United a Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)Chief Economist at African Development Bank



Theory: GIFF: The Baseline Framework and Its Recent Development

By Dr. Jiajun Xu, Assistant Professor and Executive Deputy Director of at Center of New Structural Economics (CNSE)



Practice I: Country Case Studies of the GIFF: the Case of Nepal and Nigeria

By Ms. Sarah Hager, Project Research Specialist, CNSE of Center of New Structural Economics



Practice II: Investment Promotion: Learning from First-Hand Experiences

By Dr. Jia Yu, Researcher of Center of New Structural Economics (Part-time, currently Director of Customer Relation Department in China Power Investment Corporation) Senior Operations Officer, Director of the International Development Cooperation Department, CNSE



Open discussion

To sign up, please click here

We are looking forward to your application!