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8th NSE Summer School Successfully Concluded


The Institute of New Structural Economics at Peking University (INSE) held its 8th Summer School online on July 5th, introducing NSE theoretical framework, academic research, and policy practice to 50 outstanding students from universities across China.




Yong Wang, Academic Deputy Dean of INSE, chaired the opening ceremony on July 5th morning. In his keynote themed “Theoretical Innovation of NSE under the Profound Shifts Unseen in a Century”, Professor Justin Yifu Lin, Dean of INSE, noted that China's rapid development has led to significant changes in the world landscape, resulting in profound shifts unseen in a century. He believed that NSE provides insights for China's development, as long as China makes good use of potential comparative advantages, and continues to combine effective market with facilitating government, China will tackle the challenges and achieve national rejuvenation. He concluded his remarks by encouraging the students to join the INSE family to promote the independent theoretical innovation, to contribute to the realization of the national rejuvenation and a shared future for mankind.




The keynote ended with a Q&A in which Professor Lin answered questions raised by students. Shenzhe Jiang, Assistant Professor at INSE, explained INSE’s postgraduate program in the following session.




On July 5th afternoon, INSE faculty introduced various sub-areas of NSE academic research to the students. Jiajun Xu, Executive Deputy Dean at INSE, opened the afternoon session with an introduction on core research topics and future trends of New Structural Finance. Yong Wang, Academic Deputy Dean of INSE, introduced research trends and topics in NSE Macro and Growth area.




Wei You, Assistant Professor at INSE, gave a brief introduction on trade and region studies from NSE perspectives. Dr. Caihui Fu, Director of the Research Center for Textbooks, Case Studies and Flagship Reports at INSE, shared his insights on NSE’s principles and axiomatization.




Junjie Xia, Assistant Professor at INSE, updated INSE’s database information with the students. Shenzhe Jiang and Bo Hu, Assistant Professors at INSE, advised possible preparation on mathematics.




The final session on July 5th focused on INSE’s policy practices. Dr. Qiuyun Zhao, Director of Domestic Development and Cooperation Department, highlighted the importance and characteristics of NSE in his presentation. Dr. Jia Yu, Director of International Development and Cooperation Department, closed the session with an introduction of international think tank team’s GIFF framework and the team’s practice in developing countries.