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Research Fellows
  • Jia YU
  • Director of International Development Cooperation Department, Senior Operations Officer


Jia Yu is responsible for the application of New Structural Economics to the international investment practice. Her research fields focus on empirical studies of China’s “Going Global”, diagnosis of industrial park and Special Economic Zones, as well as China's overseas investment and the interaction of the manufacturing, energy and mining sector and their roles in the process of industrialization for Belts & Roads countries. Prior to joining the INSE, Dr. Yu had worked as a Director of Dept. of Business Development & Public Relations at State Power Investment Corp. (SPIC) where she gained over eight years’ experience in overseas investments (energy and mining), research on global resources market and China’s outward FDI, business negotiations, government affairs and public relations at coporate level. She started her career as a consultant for the utility industry with Accenture after receiving her Ph.D. degree in Development Economics from CERDI-CNRS in France and her two bachelor’s degrees in French Language and Literature and Economics from Peking University.