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Guest Scholars
  • Junjie XIA
  • Guest Assistant Professor

Dr. Junjie Xia's research fields are Macroeconomics, Finance and International Trade. Current research projects include: trade credit and financial networks; misallocation and exporter dynamics; automation and industrial upgrading; social mobility, entrepreneurship and inequality; the performance of special economic zones in China. Junjie obtained his Ph.D. degree in Economics at the University of Southern California in 2017 (Advisor: Vincenzo Quadrini).


Contact Information:

Email: junjiexia@nsd.pku.edu.cn




1. A Theory of National Development Banks: Long-Term Investment and the Agency Problem (with Shenzhe Jiang, Jiajun Xu, and Jianye Yan), Economic Theory, 2023

2. Dynamics of Trade Credit in China (with Wukuang Cun, Vincenzo Quadrini, and Qi Sun), Economic Journal, 2022

3. Industrial Policy and Asset Prices: Evidence from Made in China 2025 Policy (with Xia Summer Liu and William Megginson), Journal of Banking and Finance, 2022

4. Cash Holdings, Capital Structure, and Financial Risk (with Qi Sun), Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 2021

5. To Upgrade or To Relocate? Explaining Heterogeneous Responses of Chinese Light Manufacturing Firms to Rising Labor Costs (with Fei Wang and Jiajun Xu),  China Economic Review,special issue on China's Reform and Opening Up, 2020

6. Explaining Reform and Special Economic Zones in China, with Justin Yifu Lin and Jiajun Xu, Chapter 28, The Oxford Handbook of Industrial Hubs and Economic Development, Oxford University Press, 2020