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Academic Advisory Council
  • Finn TARP


Professor Tarp has four decades of experience in academic and applied development economics research and teaching. His field experience covers more than two decades of in-country work in 35 countries across Africa and the developing world more generally, including longer-term assignments in Swaziland, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Vietnam. He is the Director of UNU-WIDER since 2009 and also Professor of Development Economics at the University of Copenhagen.


Professor Tarp is a leading international expert on issues of development strategy and foreign aid, with an interest in poverty, income distribution and growth, micro- and macroeconomic policy and modeling, agricultural sector policy and planning, household and enterprise development, and economic adjustment and reform as well as climate change, sustainability and natural resources.


He has published more than 100 articles in internationally refereed academic journals—including The Economic Journal, Journal of Development Economics, World Bank Economic Review, European Economic Review, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, World Development, Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, Land Economics, Review of Income and Wealth, Journal of Economic Geography, Feminist Economics, Economic Development and Cultural Change, and Climatic Change—alongside five books, 20 edited book volumes and special journal issues and 57 book chapters with international academic publishers plus a large number of research reports and other studies and publications.



Personal Website:https://web2.econ.ku.dk/ftarp/


Curriculum Vitae:https://www.wider.unu.edu/sites/default/files/CV_Finn_Tarp_March_2019_e3a070b1b7b7e9ce079d058eb57ce32e.pdf