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Support Sustainable Development

Stable financial support for the Institute of New Structural Economics is the driving force and source of theoretical innovation, discipline construction, talents cultivation, academic exchange, think tank construction and policy practice.

To ensure sustainable development, the principal of the two non-expendable funds below will be permanently retained, with the revenue being used for the following purposes:


Education Development Fund

The Development Fund provides stable financial support for the development of theInstitute of New Structural Economics, covering teaching and research activities,international academic exchanges, global frontier cooperation, talents cultivation, and theconstruction of databases and case libraries. The donation for the Development Fund isRMB 200 million.


Chair Professorship Fund

The Chair Professorship Fund is the highest honor the Institute of New StructuralEconomics offers to faculty members, representing the forefront of the teaching andresearch of New Structural Economics. The donation for each chair professorship is RMB20 million, the revenue of which will be used to raise the salaries of the awardees, in orderto attract and retain talents.