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About the Institute

The Institute of New Structural Economics at Peking University (the INSE) is a pilot academic institute in China that dedicates to independent theoretical innovation in the field of social sciences. Founded in December 2015 by Prof. Justin Yifu Lin, former Senior Vice President and Chief Economist of the World Bank, the INSE aims to serve as a leading academic institute and a world-class flagship think tank by drawing lessons from the development experiences of China and the other developing countries, and pioneering theoretical innovation, practical application and broad dissemination of New Structural Economics (NSE), an economic theory that is proposed and championed by Prof. Justin Yifu Lin and his collaborators, and is widely accoladed by the international academic community as the third generation of development economic theory after the Structuralism and the Neoclassicism.

Holding the philosophy of “Seeking knowledge from practice; guiding practice with knowledge; validating knowledge by achievement; integrating knowledge and achievement.” the INSE aspires to contribute to the development and prosperity of the developing countries by conducting and facilitating academic research, policy practice, talent cultivation, and international communication and exchanges, and by empowering experts, scholars, government elites and student in the developing countries to draw a specific as well as effective road map to modernization for their countries.