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Consumption and Hours between the United States and France


Time:9:00am - 10:30am, June 18th, 2021


Speaker:Fang Yang

(Louisiana State University)


Meeting ID:980 9640 9692




We document large differences between the United States and France in allocations of consumption expenditures and time by age. Using a life-cycle model, we quantify to what extent tax and transfer programs and market and home productivity can account for the differences. We find that while labor efficiency by age and home-production productivity are crucial in accounting for the differences in the allocation of time, the consumption tax and social security are more important regarding allocation of expenditures. Adopting the US consumption tax decreases welfare in France, and adopting the US social security system increases welfare in France.





Professor Fang Yang is an associate professor (with tenure) at Louisiana State University. Her major fields of concentration are macroeconomics, public finance, labor economics, wealth inequality, savings, and housing. Her papers have appeared in journals such as Journal of Financial Economics, The Journal of Labor Economics and Journal of Monetary Economics. She obtained her Ph.D. in economics from University of Minnesota in 2006.