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The Institute of New Structural Economics at Peking University (INSE) is a pilot academic institute in China that aims at achieving the independent theoretical innovation of social sciences. Its predecessor, the Center for New Structural Economics (hereinafter referred to as the CNSE), was founded by Prof. Justin Yifu Lin, former World Bank Chief Economist and Senior Vice President, in December 2015, as one of China Top Think Tanks. The INSE aims to promote in-depth research and application of New Structural Economics (NSE) by facilitating NSE academic research, policy practice, talent cultivation, and international exchange. The institute also aims to empower the scholars, experts, students and government elites in developing countries who are committed to long-term economic development with NSE ideas, theories and instruments so that they can draw a road map to modernization that suits the characteristics of their own countries. The Institute of New Structural Economics (INSE) at Peking University invites applications for tenure-track positions at all levels in all fields of economics.


招聘人才类别 Recruitment Categories

招聘岗位 Positions


Assistant Professor/Associate Professor/Full Professor


任职要求 Qualifications


Candidates must have a Ph.D. by August, 2022 and demonstrate the potential to achieve excellence in both research and teaching.


工作和生活待遇 Compensation and Benefits

1. 富有竞争力的薪酬

Highly competitive salary package

2. 充裕的科研启动经费

Abundant start-up funding

3. 良好的办公环境

Good work environment


Others: we provide high-quality education resources for faculty, such as affiliated kindergartens, primary and junior middle schools of Peking University, and other benefits including medical and insurance offered by Peking University.


应聘材料 Application Materials

1. 个人简历


2. 求职论文

Job Market Paper

3. 三封推荐信

Three Letters of Reference

4. 研究计划

Research Statement


应聘方式 Application Process


Please submit your CV, job market paper, three letters of reference, and research statement via the JOE listings: https://www.aeaweb.org/joe/listing.php?JOE_ID=2021-02_111467588& . All application materials should be submitted by November 20, 2021.


面试 Interview


Candidate interviews will be conducted in December, 2021. Short-listed candidates will be contacted for virtual online interviews in early December.