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Upcoming Events
【4.27 Seminar】Rodrigo Zeidan: Restructuring National Financial Systems
Restructuring National Financial Systems 

Time:4:00pm-5:30pm,Apr 27, 2018
Venue:Room 359S, Overseas Exchange Center, Peking University
Speaker:Rodrigo Zeidan (Associate Professor of Practice of Business and Finance, NYU Shanghai)


We will discuss the evolution of financial systems and its institutions, with a focus on the Brazilian experience. In addition, we will investigate the role of development banks. The presentation will begin by presenting an overview of the credit market in the post-Real Plan period. After stabilization, financial institutions had to be completely reformed. A very conservative and successful regulatory framework was created to avoid the permanent instability of the past. The paper also analyses the impact of the rapid credit growth after 2004 and the role of state-owned banks in compensating for the impact of the international crisis of 2008. It is important to note that the process of formulation and implementation of the financial market reforms was not the result of prior strategic planning, but a response based on the past experience of internal and external crises and the political opportunities created after 1994 - bureaucracy had an important role to play and will discuss the implications of this in the context of recent international experience.  .


Rodrigo Zeidan is Associate Professor of Practice of Business and Finance at New York University Shanghai and Visiting Professor at Fundação Dom Cabral and Copenhagen Business School.Professor Zeidan is the author of Economics of Global Business, forthcoming by MIT Press in September, 2018. His research has been published in some of the top journals in finance and economics, such as: Journal of Corporate Finance, Energy Economics, Harvard Business Review, International Journal of Production Economics and Journal of Business Ethics. His more recent research focuses on Sustainable Finance, alongside issues in Corporate Finance and Industrial Economics. Rodrigo has a biweekly column at Folha de S. Paulo, the largest Brazilian newspaper, and he has written extensively for international media outlets, including China Plus, the World Economic Forum, Bloomberg and Americas Quarterly. He is also Associate Editor of the Journal of Sustainable Finance & Investment and Senior Scholar at the Center for Sustainable Business, NYU Stern. Rodrigo Zeidan has significant teaching experience at all levels from undergraduate to international MBAs in South America, Europe, and Asia.For more information on Professor Zeidan, please visit http://rzeidan.com.
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