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About Us
Introduction to the Center for NSE

Who We Are

Proposed and championed by Professor Justin Yifu Lin, New Structural Economics applies the neoclassical approachbased on the given factor endowments and endowments structure at any specific time, to study the determinates of economic structure, including technology, industry, infrastructure and institutions, and its dynamic evolution in the process of economic development. It underscores the essential roles of an effective market as well as a facilitating government in achieving rapid, inclusive and sustainable development. The NSE has been endorsed by renowned economists worldwide, including more than 10 Nobel Laureates such as Joseph Stiglitz, Gary Becker, Douglass North, Robert Fogel, Michael Spence and George Akerlof, and is taken as the third wave in development economics after Structuralism and neoliberalism.

The Center for New Structural Economics at Peking University aims to promote in-depth research and application of New Structural Economics, forging a platform to lead internationally theoretic research in new development ideas, to offer policy advice, and to provide educational programs.

What We Do

Build the Academic Foundations for NSE

—— Future Hub of Development Economics Research

World-Class Original Theoretical Contributions

Dedicated to NSE theoretical modelling, database building and empirical research, the Center pioneers theoretical innovations, facilitates international academic exchanges, dialogues with mainstream academia, with the overarching aim of contributing to the course of mankind’s progress.

Special Research Fund for New Structural Economics

The Center identifies and finances high-level NSE-related research; helps and encourages outstanding scholars to work in the field of NSE at home and abroad.

International Conference on New Structural Economics

The Center serves as an open platform to bring together leading institutions and scholars for high-level international discussions on NSE, to construct a new system for academic discourse and to establish a global academic community in due course. 

Top-Tier Think Tank Function

——Knowledge is the beginning of action and realizing the predicted results by action is the completion of knowledge

Participate in Dialogues on Global Economic Governance

The Center cooperates with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), World Bank (WB), Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), the New Development Bank (NDB) and other major multilateral organizations to conduct country case studies, to improve their analytical framework and to enhance the global impacts of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and so forth. It aims to involve deeply in the formation of policy frameworks and realization of action plans for the Silk Roads Initiative, the Forum for China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) and other regional initiatives.

Apply the Growth Identification and Facilitation Framework (GIFF)

Drawing from the development experiences of China and other developing countries, the Center aims to promote the application of the GIFF globally in an effort to help developing countries, especially Least Developed Countries (LDCs), achieve economic transformation. Collaborating with the ‘Made in Africa’ Initiative, the Center aims to innovate business models and foster entrepreneurship and guide Chinese enterprises to go to Africa in an effort to create jobs and promote exports in African countries.

The Center aims to enhance industrial upgrading and structural change in Chinese regions. By hosting mayoral forums and annual summits, the Center is dedicated to make actionable policy proposals for achieving inclusive and sustainable growth throughout China.

Databases, Case Study Pool and Think Tank Flagship Reports

The Center conducts first-hand surveys to construct databases and case libraries. Based on rigorous academic research, the Center publishes flagship think tank reports exploring modernization paths in consistence with developing countries’ own characteristics.

Provide Multiple Layers of Educational Programs for First-class Talents

South-South Institute for Development and Cooperation

The Center supports South-South Institute for Development and Cooperation, which was proposed by President Xi Jinping at the 70th Anniversary of the United Nations for training of developing countries’ young talents in government and academics, by providing NSE as its education program’s theoretical foundation and cases from the experience of development and transition in China and other developing/transition countries as its teaching materials.

Summer/Winter School

The Center’s summer and winter schools provides young scholars and students who are interested in NSE a chance of systematic academic training and intensive discussions. The Center also encourages and sponsors NSE-related workshops, seminars and research projects.

Massive Online Open Courses (MOOC)

The Center will run massive online open courses on NSE to provide unlimited participation and easy access for people from every corner of the globe.

Training Programs on Development Policy

The Center provides courses on development policy practice for government officials from developing countries.

The Center provides training programs for government officials in China.